Xing Xing- The main character of the story. A 14 years old girl who lives with her stepmother and stepsister in a cave. She is always being boss by her stepmother and stepsister. She is smarter than most other characters.
Stepmother- The stepmother of Xing Xing but real mother of Wei Ping. She's is trying to find a husband for Wei Ping. A selfish mother.
Wei Ping-
Stepsister of Xing Xing. She's nice to Xing Xing from time to time. She got her big toe bitten of from a baby raccoon.
Master Tang- A master of potter. He's really kind to Xing Xing because he was a friend to Xing Xing's father.
Master Tang's Slave Boy- He's a very useful salve for Master Tang. When Xing Xing needed help to go hunt, he would help her.
Mei Zi-
Wife of Master Tang. She taught Xing Xing and Wei Ping to write poems.
Yao Wang-
The doctor who Xing Xing chase down for medicine for Wei Ping's foot.
The dog of Yao Wang. Watches Yao Wang's stuff when he's sleeping.
The Prince-
The rich prince who went from town to town to find the girl who lost her shoe. He marry Xing Xing at the end of the story.