Exposition- Xing Xing brings in a baby raccoon to their home. Later on, the raccoon bits off Wei Ping's biggest toe.
Rising Action-
There was a doctor in town but he left for another town. Stepmother tells Xing Xing to chase down the doctor and bring him back to heal Wei Ping's toe.
The annual cave festival event. Xing Xing acted sick and stay home. Then she goes to the annual cave festival event not being known that she went by anyone wearing her mother's dress left for her and golden shoes.
Falling Action-
Xing Xing gets seen by stepmother and Wei Ping. She rushed for home and enters into a forest. As she was running, she drops one of the golden shoes. As she turns around to get the shoe, a man picks it up and stepmother was running behind him. Didn't want to get seen, Xing Xing left the shoe.

Resolution- The prince goes from town to town to find the beautiful girl who lost her golden shoe. He comes to Xing Xing's home. Xing Xing puts on her mother's dress to proof that she was the beautiful girl at the festival. The prince then marry Xing Xing.