All these quotes have something to do with the theme, love and respect.

  1. "Father heard as well, but didn't care one bit about scandal. He insisted that the deathbed wish be respected." Page 26

  2. "Widows of decent families do not remarry. You know that. It is a small matter to starve to death but a large matter to lose one's virtue." Page 35

  3. "I would never abandon the Wu family ghosts," Page 36

  4. "Xing Xing shook her head. "I couldn't. Something so old and fine. Never."" Page 53

  5. "Many people consider this junk, but you value it properly. Choose one." Page 54

  6. "I would commit suicide before I'd enter another man's bed. See how I wear the sackcloth of mourning? See how mine is unhemmed and ugly? I will wear it a full three years, I promise." Page 58

  7. "Xing Xing bowed low before him. "Honorable Doctor," she said, deeply impressed by how much wisdom must be stored in his huge belly." Page 83

  8. "The people called him Yao Wang. "I use his name to honor him, in hopes that he will guide my hands at work." Page 86

  9. "Haven't you worked hard? You deserve it." Page 127

  10. "You promised Father's spirit that you''d never marry again," Page 171