1. Chapter 1- Xing Xing goes to the pond to look at a beautiful fish. When she came home, stepmother tells her to go get some water.

  2. Chapter 2- Wei Ping, Xing Xing's older sister, wakes up. Wei Ping is hungry and stepmother tells Xing XIng to go hunt for food.

  3. Chapter 3- Xing XIng goes over to Master Tang's house. She asked if his slave boy could help her hunt but he said that he went hunting to get only enough for Master Tang.

  4. Chapter 4- Xing Xing goes into the forest to hunt. She came across 3 baby raccoons. Killed 2 and spare one.

  5. Chapter 5- Back at home, Xing Xing gave the raccoons to stepmother. Wei Ping said that they should keep the alive raccoon as a pet. Then Xing Xing went to the pond with a pot and caught the beautiful fish was looking at and bought it home.

  6. Chapter 6- Xing Xing tells that her name means "Sparkling One". Wei Ping is used to be called "First Child" when Xing Xing's father was alive.

  7. Chapter 7- A month has passed and the raccoon and fish has grown. Stepmother tells Xing Xing to go to the forest with jujube trees to cut off some dates.

  8. Chapter 8- Xing Xing is in the forest cutting dates. Then she hears a scream from Wei Ping and stepmother. She jumps down from the jujube trees and cuts her knee. She rushed home with the dates. She finds parts of the raccoon everywhere. Wei Ping's biggest toe been biten off by the raccoon. Stepmother says that the raccoon and fish are demons. Xing Xing grabs the pot with the fish and ran to the pond and dump the fish into the pond.

  9. Chapter 9- Stepmother tells Xing Xing that they're going to go vist Master Wu's grave. Xing Xing goes to Master Tang's house to get his slave boy to help carry Wei Ping to Master Wu's grave.

  10. Chapter 10- Xing XIng runs into Mei Zi, Master Tang's wife, at Master Tang's house. Xing Xing then sells the pot that was holding the fish to Mei Zi. Xing Xing forgot to bring a purse for the money but Mei Zi gave Xing Xing one of hers. Since the purse will be emtpy when Xing Xing gives the money to her stepmother, Mei Zi tells Xing Xing to pick a bowl of pottery to put into the purse after giving the money to her stepmother.

  11. Chapter 11- Xing Xing, stepmother, Wei Ping, and Master Tang's slave boy is now at Master Wu's grave. Stepmother beg the spirits of her ancestors to help Wei Ping with her foot.

  12. Chapter 12- Stepmother tells Xing Xing to follow the doctor who was in town to sell him the dates and bring him over to help heal Wei Ping's foot.

  13. Chapter 13- Xing XIng starts her adventure here. This is the first time going out of town. Xing Xing got a free ride with a farmer. Later on, the farmer didn't stop, so Xing Xing jumps off the ox-drawn cart.

  14. Chapter 14- Xing Xing finally reached the town that the doctor was in. The doctor told Xing Xing to call him Yao Wang. Yao Wang had a black dog with him named Sheng.

  15. Chapter 15- Xing Xing and Yao Wang then went to a restaurant. Xing Xing try to tell Yao Wang why she follow him all the way from her town to this town but he stop her. It was night, so Xing Xing and Yao Wang went to a hotel. Xing Xing slept outside with Sheng. Next morning, Yao Wang listen to Xing Xing 's story. Yao Wang then gives Xing Xing a medicine that will help Wei Ping's foot.

  16. Chapter 16- As Xing Xing was going to leave this town, she see that Yao Wang was in troubles. A pharmacist said that Yao Wang should be arrested because he is a fake doctor. Yao Wang's medicine didn't have the trade mark the pharmacist said. The official then checks Yao Wang's medicine and founds a trade mark but it was a mark that Xing Xing drawn. Xing Xing said that she was the one who drawn the mark. The official then said that this was not a crime. Yao Wang then said that Xing Xing was his daughter. Yao Wang then help the official with his toothache.

  17. Chapter 17- Yao Wang had to follow Xing Xing because she was his daughter. They got on the same boat but left at different spots. This is good bye for Yao Wang.

  18. Chapter 18- Xing Xing got home and puts the medicine that Yao Wang gave her on Wei Ping's foot. Xing Xing then wash up stepmother and Wei Ping because they haven't left the cave since Xing Xing left. Xing Xing then goes to the pond to look at the fish.

  19. Chapter 19- Stepmother then tells Xing Xing and Wei Ping that she was going to get a new furniture. Xing Xing was going to go feed the fish then Wei Ping tells her to take her with her. When the fish saw Wei Ping, the fish swim away. Stepmother came back and Wei Ping tells her about the fish. Stepmother then wanted Xing Xing to show her this fish.

  20. Chapter 20- Stepmother then tells Xing Xing and Wei Ping about the local cave festival. She tells Wei Ping that this is the best time to find a husband for her. Stepmother then gives Xing Xing a dress that she've been working on. She then tells Xing Xing to write a poem that will represent the family.

  21. Chapter 21- Xing Xing wrote the poem. She went over to Master Tang's house to ask Mei Zi if the poem was good. Mei Zi was busy so Xing Xing told Master Tang the poem. He said it was a good poem. Xing Xing went home and stepmother made this fish dinner that was good that she and Wei Ping like it.

  22. Chapter 22- Xing Xing went to the pond to feed the fish. The fish didn't came today. She known something was wrong. She ran home and found that her old dress was wet. She ask her stepmother what knife she use to kill the fish. Stepmother tells her to go back to sleep. Xing Xing got so sad that she fell asleep on the ground.

  23. Chapter 23- Xing Xing woke up and stepmother gave her some medicine. Xing Xing then is told to go get some water and to tell Wei Ping that she didn't see the fish today.

  24. Chapter 24- Xing Xing then goes into the storage room with her father's last pots that was made by him. Wei Ping said that next time Xing Xing is sad, she can play with her on the kang. While Xing Xing was in the storage room, she found a letter about her mother's stuff which was in a pot. In the pot, there was a dress, golden shoes, cloak, and pearls.

  25. Chapter 25- The festival night. Xing XIng was feeling ill. So she stay home. Later on, Xing Xing try on her mother's dress and golden shoes. Both of them was a perfect fit.

  26. Chapter 26- Now Xing Xing is at the festival. She was trying new foods that was imported. She liked every kind. There was a lot of guys who was paying attenion to her but she didn't pay attenion to them. Then Xing Xing saw stepmother and Wei Ping. They didn't know that it was Xing Xing. Xing Xing then ran. While running, she don't one of her golden shoes. A man picks up the shoe while stepmother was running behind him, Xing Xing then kept on running to home. Xing Xing got home and change back into her old dress.

  27. Chapter 27- Wei Ping tells Xing Xing that she saw a beautiful woman who looked like Xing XIng. Stepmother said that the beautiful woman had a dress that looked like Xing Xing's mother dress. Then one morning a old woman who assisted in marriage came to Xing Xing's home. Her name was Xiu Mei. She told stepmother that the prince is looking for the girl who lost her golden shoe at the festival. Xiu Mei added Wei Ping's name to the list that will try on the shoe if it fits. Then stepmother tell Xiu Mei to add her name to the list too.

  28. Chapter 28- Xing Xing then tells stepmother that what she is doing is wrong. Stepmother didn't care. Xing Xing tell stepmother that she is disrespecting her father. Xing Xing rises her voice over stepmother.

  29. Chapter 29- The prince came to Xing Xing's home. Stepmother and Wei Ping try on the golden shoe and it didn't fit. Xing Xing then put on her mother's dress. Then the prince knew Xing Xing was the one. "Leave this cave now. Leave this woman and her daughter. Come, dearest Xing Xing, come with me. We have the rest of our lives for the rest of your list." was the prince last words.